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The Pro Beach Soccer South Africa

PRO BEACH SOCCER SA is an organisation responsible for organising the Professional Beach Soccer League, and was officially formed in 2016 also comprises of South Africans who run the directorship of the company with the highest form of ethics guided bu the good business principles.

It is the only organisation endorsed to run the professional beach soccer league in the country and were licenced by South African Football Association under the leadership of the President Dr. Danny Jordaan

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Brain Injury Safety Tips and Prevention
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Information on send offs and cautions

reasons why a player is cautioned

  • Unsporting behavior (this includes foul play and simulation)
  • Dissent by word or action
  • Persistent infringement of the Laws of the Game
  • Delaying the restart of play

    1. Definition of Suspensions
    2. How do you get suspended in beach soccer?
    3. Can a suspended player be on the bench?
    4. What is disciplinary action in beach soccer?
    5. Fouls and misconduct

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